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Zakham Drama Cast – Story – Timing – OST – Release Date | Zakham is a new drama that is being telecast on Geo TV. Even before this, Geo TV has launched many new dramas in 2022, including Chauraha, Mere Humnasheen, Dil Awaiz Drama, Saaya 2 & Dikhawa. The viewers have very much liked these dramas and these dramas have also been viewed by the viewers millions of times on YouTube. You must have liked these dramas too.

Zakham is an excellent drama featuring the best cast in the Pakistan Showbiz Industry. The drama’s cast includes Sehar Khan, Agha Ali & sidra Niazi. This is an excellent cast and the story of this drama is also very wonderful. We hope you will like this drama.

In this article, we have provided you with complete information about Zakham Drama including the cast, story, timing and OST information on the drama. We hope you enjoy the information. If you like this information, please share this post on social media.

Zakham Drama Cast

Zakham Drama Cast

The cast of Zakham Drama consists of the best actors in Pakistan Showbiz Industry which include Sehar Khan, Agha Ali & sidra Niazi while the other cast also includes Azfar Rehman and Rubina Ashraf. The full cast list is provided below.

Writer : Rida Bilal
Director : Syed Ramish Rizvi
Producer : Asad Qureshi & Abdullah Kadwani
Production : 7th Sky Entertainment
Zakham Drama Story

Full Cast List :

  • Azfar Rehman
  • Sehar Khan
  • Agha Ali
  • Kamran Jeelani
  • Salma Hassan
  • Rubina Ashraf
  • Sidra Niazi
  • Sana Fakhar
  • Waseem Abbas
  • And Others
Zakham Drama Timing

Zakham Drama Timing

The serial Zakham is telecast every night at 9 pm on Geo TV. You can also watch this drama on Geo TV’s official YouTube channel and mobile app. This drama started on June 11, 2022.

Zakham Drama Story

The story of Zakham drama is wonderful and is full of emotion, suspense, romance and action. Agha Ali is playing the role of Sikander in this drama which is a role in a business which is very cruel and very rich. Agha Ali is playing the lead role in the drama.

Waseem Abbas is playing the role of Arif in this drama who is an employee of Sikander and borrows money from him and invests in some business but unfortunately, he loses the business and all of Arif’s money is wasted which he gets very scared because he knows that Sikander will not forgive him for that.

The new mood in the story comes when Skand finds out that Arif wasted his money which he starts harassing Arif and later he demands that if you guys marry Sehar Khan to me. So I will forgive my money.

It is a drama with a great story which the audience will surely like. You will definitely express your opinion about this drama.

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