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Kacha Dhaga is a new drama starting on Hum TV which is being telecast on Hum TV from 2 January 2023. The young cast of the Pakistan showbiz industry has been included in the cast of the drama. Usama Khan and Mashal Khan are included in the main cast. In this article, we have provided complete details of the Kacha Dhaga drama cast, story, timing, and cast name.

The main cast of the drama also includes Mashal Khan, who has also played the main cast in the drama serial Hasrat. The viewers love her acting. His fan following is also high on social media.

Kacha Dhaga Drama Cast

As already mentioned, Usama Khan, Hina Afridi, and Mishal Khan are included in the main cast of the Kacha Dhaga drama. Hina Khan Afridi, Asif Seemab, and Kinza Malik are also included in the other cast. This cast is included in the best cast of the Pakistan showbiz industry. The full cast list and details are provided below.

Real NameRole
Usama Khan Hamdan
Hina Afridi Arishma
Mashal Khan Maya
Nabeel Zuberi Harib
Shamil Khan Updating
Mohammad Usama Updating
Kinza Malik Updating
Sabahat Adil Khan Updating
Nancy Updating
Asif Seemab Updating

Kacha Dhaga Drama Timing

Hum TV viewers will be able to watch this drama on Monday and Tuesday nights at 9 PM. You will be able to watch this drama on YouTube also on the official YouTube channel of Hum TV. The new episode of Kacha Dhaga drama is uploaded on YouTube at 10 pm.

Hum TV Drama Kacha Dhaga Production Team

Release Date :January 1, 2023
Writer :Rizwan Ahmed
Director :Abdullah Badini
Producer :Momina Duraid
Production :MD Productions

Kacha Dhaga Drama Story

The story of the drama serial Kacha Dhaga is full of suspense, romance, and emotions. The story revolves around Hamad and Arishma’s life. Arishma and Hamad study together and Hamad falls in love with Arishma and wants to marry her, but Arishma’s father rejects the relationship because Hamad is a poor boy while Arishma is the daughter of a rich father.

Hamad tries hard to impress Arishma’s father and make him agree to this relationship, but her father does not agree. One day suddenly, Arishma’s father agrees to this relationship, and the marriage of Hamad and Arishma is fixed. But the story takes a new turn when Hamad refuses to marry Arishma at the time of marriage and tells them that he did all this to take his revenge. This makes Arishma very sad.

This is a drama with an excellent story that is surely loved by the audience. The first episode of this drama has been viewed 165 thousand times on YouTube so far. You will also like this drama.

Usama Khan As Hamdan

Usama Khan is playing the lead role in this drama. His name in drama is Hamad. He was born on 22 November 1991 and started his career in showbiz in 2017. His first drama was ‘Aadhi Gawahi’ in which he played the role of Usama. In the Kacha Dhaga drama, he plays the role of a poor boy who falls in love with a rich girl and is very anxious to marry her.

Kacha Dhaga Drama Story

Hina Afridi As Arishma

Hina Afridi is a beautiful actress and model who has played lead roles in many dramas. In this drama, she is playing the role of Arishma, who belongs to a rich family but falls in love with a poor boy but her father does not like him at all.

Hina Afridi was born on 16 June 2001 and her first drama serial was ‘Pahli Se Mohabbate’ which was telecast on ARY Digital in 2021. After that, he also played the lead role in Hum TV’s drama serial ‘Wahshi’ in 2022.

Kacha Dhaga Drama Timing

Mashal Khan As Maya

Mashal Khan is playing the lead role in this drama. She was born on 25 January 1997 in Karachi. She played the lead role in the drama serial ‘Sunu Chanda’ and got a lot of fame from this drama. Mashal Khan’s other dramas include Pyari Mona, Hasrat, Saaya 2, Parizaad, Khwaab Nagar Ki Shehzadi, Dikhawa & Thora Sa Haq.

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