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Dushman Drama Cast – Story – Timing – Release Date | PTV Pakistan’s first entertainment channel That started broadcasting in 1964. Prior to 2000, PTV was the only entertainment channel in Pakistan where viewers could watch their favourite programs. PTV dramas were watched not only in Pakistan but also in India.

Dushman is an excellent drama which is being telecast on PTV in which Sabeeka Imam, Nadia Afgan & Hadi Bin Arshad are playing the lead roles. The story of this drama is written by Ali Moeen who has written the stories of many super hit dramas before. The play is directed by Abdullah Badini.

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Dushman Drama Story

Dushman Drama Cast

In the main cast of the drama serial Dushman, famous stars of Pakistan Showbiz, as well as young actors of Pakistan Showbiz Industry, have also been given a chance. Sabeeka Imam, Hadi Bin Arshad and Hassan Niazi are part of the cast of the drama. The full cast list of the drama is provided below.

Writer :Ali Moeen
Director :Abdullah Badini
Producer :Zeeshan Ahmed
Production :Mont Blanc Entertainment

Full Cast List :

Saman Ansari
Naila Jaffery
Sabeeka Imam
Hassan Niazi
Nadia Afgan
Mohsin Gillani
Muhammad Ayub Khosa
Subhan Awan
Nayyer Ejaz
Feroza Muhammad
Hadi Bin Arshad

Dushman Drama Timing

Dushman Drama Timing

The drama serial Dushman is being telecast every Monday at 8 pm on PTV Home. The play has been released on May 11, 2022. You can also watch this drama on PTV Home’s official YouTube channel. The new episode is uploaded to YouTube every Monday at 9: 30 p.m.

Dushman Drama Story

The drama serial Dushman story revolves around the enmity of two families who are thirsty for each other’s blood. Both the families are headed by women. One is headed by Nadia Afgan while the other is headed by Saman Ansari.

Naila Jaffery is also part of the cast of the drama serial which was kidnapped by Saman Ansari and had her hair cut off.

A new twist in the story of the drama comes when the boys of both the families start falling in love with the girls of the other family but the elder women of both the families do not believe that they will marry their children to their enemy’s house.

Teaser :

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