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Dil Awaiz Drama Cast – Story – Timing – Release Date | Geo TV is launching another drama series for its viewers which will be telecast on Geo TV from the month of May. Even before that, Geo TV has launched many new dramas in 2022, including Mere Humnasheen, Chaudhry And Sons, Dil Zaar Zaar & Badzaat. The viewers are liking these drama series very much.

Dil Awaiz is also one of the best dramas to be aired on Geo TV starting in 2022 with Afaan Waheed Kinza Hashmi in the main cast. This is an excellent cast that can play a vital role in the success of any drama. The story of the drama is also wonderful.

In this post, we will provide you with complete information about the cast, story, timing, release date and song of Dil Awaiz Drama which you will definitely like. If you like this information, be sure to share this article with your friends on social media.

Dil Awaiz Drama Cast

Dil Awaiz Drama Cast

The main cast of the drama serial includes Afaan Waheed and Kinza Hashmi while the other cast also includes Kashif Mahmood, Javiria Abbasi and Ayesha Gul. The full cast list is provided below.

Writer :Madiha Shahid
Director :Mazhar Moin
Producer :Asad Qureshi & Abdulah Kadwani
Production :7th Sky Entertainment

Full Cast List :

  • Kinza Hashmi
  • Affan Waheed
  • Sabeena Farooq
  • Javeria Abbasi
  • Seemi Raheel
  • Saife Hasan
  • Aisha Gul
  • Yasra Rizvi
  • Jenaan Hussain
  • Farhan Ally Agha
  • Fazila Qazi
  • Raeed Alam
  • Kashif Mehmood
  • Qudsia Ali
  • Raza Zaidi
  • And Others
Dil Awaiz Drama Story

Dil Awaiz Drama Timing

The serial Dil Awaiz will be telecast on Geo TV daily night from May 6, 2022, at 9 pm. You can also watch this drama on Geo TV’s official YouTube channel and official mobile app. Hope you enjoy this play.

Dil Awaiz Drama Story

The drama serial Dil Awaiz story revolves around the life of Dilawaiz (Kinza Hashmi) who faces many difficulties in her life. She is part of a Landlord family but lives in staff quarters. Her mother has made a mistake that makes the whole family hate Dilawaiz (Kinza Hashmi) and treats her like an employee.

Sikander (Affan Waheed) is a boy from the same family who falls in love with Dilawaiz (Kinza Hashmi) and Dilawaiz (Kinza Hashmi) also starts to love Sikander (Affan Waheed) but Affan’s mother Javiria Abbasi hates Kinza Hashmi very much. Kinza Hashmi faces the hatred of the whole family, which makes her want to commit suicide once, but then she can’t do it.

The play is a beautiful story in which Affan Waheed and Kinza Hashmi are working together as a couple for the first time. Kinza Hashmi is famous in the Pakistan showbiz industry for her beauty and excellent acting. We hope you enjoy the play. You will definitely express your opinion in the comment section about how you like the drama.

Dil Awaiz Drama Timing

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