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Benaam Drama Cast Real Name  With Pics | Hum TV has launched countless new dramas in 2021 which have been very popular among the viewers. Hum TV’s 2021 popular dramas include Love, Love, and Love. Benaam is also a new drama that started on Hum TV in which the best actors of Pakistan have been included. The main cast of this drama also includes the beautiful and cute Pakistani actress Komal Meer. Other main cast members include Noor Hassan, Saad Qureshi, and Shazeal Shaukat.

Information on the full cast of Benaam Drama is provided in this article, which also includes the real names and photos of the actors. We hope you enjoy the information and will share this post with your friends.

Benaam Drama Cast Real Name

  • Producer : Six Sigma Plus 
  • Director : Ali Masud Saeed 
  • Writer : N/A
Star Cast : 
  • Noor Hassan Rizvi [ Haider ]
  • Komal Meer [ Ayeza Haroon ]
  • Shazeal Shoukat [ Laiba ]
  • Anoushay Abbasi [ Aiman Haroon ]
  • Imran Aslam [ Babar ]
  • Saad Qureshi [ Umar ]
  • Minna Tariq
  • Ghana Ali [ Ayesha ]
  • Humaira Bano
  • Nadia Hussain [ Rabia ]
  • Waseem Abbas [ Haroon ]
  • Babar Ali [ Taimoor ]

Noor Hassan [ Haider ]

Noor Hassan is an acclaimed actor in the field of drama. He plays the role of a young man in this drama named Haider. His latest drama is “Sila Mohabbat” featuring Rabab Hashim.
He began the acting profession in 2010 and appeared in numerous popular dramas starring leading actresses from Pakistan.
Noor Hassan Benaam drama cast



Komal Meer [ Ayeza Haroon ]

Komal Meer has been a gifted young model and actress. She started her showbiz career at just a few years old and has proven her acting talents to be amazing. Her most recent show was Wafa-Bemol featuring Ali Abbas and Arez Ahmed, and her acting is superb in the show. As part of the drama series Benaam, she plays the lead role alongside Noor Hassan. This makes the fans excited to see her drama a captivating role. Now she is in Benaam Drama Cast.

Shazeal Shoukat [ Laiba ]

Shazeal Shoukat is an emerging actor in the Pakistan drama industry. She began her acting career in”Pakeeza Phopho,” a drama-based serial “Pakeeza Phopho.” She is charming and has amazing acting abilities. In Benaam, she plays the leading part of Raima.

Anoushay Abbasi [ Aiman Haroon ]

The talented Anoushay Abbasi is part of the Benaam drama group. She plays her role as the older-younger sister to Komal Meer. Her most recent hit show was “Raqs-e-Bismil,” featuring Imran Ashraf, and Sarah Khan.

Imran Aslam [ Babar ]

Imran Aslam has the role of a villain in the show. His character’s name is Babar, and he always causes issues in the lives of others.


Imran Aslam benaam drama cast


Saad Qureshi [ Umar ]

Saad Qureshi plays the part of Umar in the show. He is a skilled actor, and his performance was impressive in Benaam.

Saad Qureshi Benaam drama cast

Minna Tariq

Talented Minna Tariq is the granddaughter of Rubina Ashraf and is also part of the Benaam drama group. Her first show was “Ruswai,” which starred Sana Javed and Feroze Khan. Now she is in Benaam Drama Cast.

Ghana Ali [ Ayesha ]

Ghana Ali performs her role as the elder cousin of Saad Qureshi, who is named Ayesha. Her acting is superb in the show.

Gana Ali Benaam drama cast

Humaira Bano

Humaira Bano is a Pakistani actor from Pakistan. She is well-known for her role in dramas such as Mere Humdam, Deewangi, Ishq Zahe Naseeb, and Jhoot. She plays a significant part in the drama.

Nadia Hussain [ Rabia ]

Nadia Hussain Khan, born on 11 January 1979, is a Pakistani TV host, model, actress, entrepreneur, and fashion designer. She is regarded as one of the first supermodels from Pakistan. Now she is in Benaam Drama Cast.

Waseem Abbas [ Haroon ]

Babar Ali [ Taimoor ]




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